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Put artificial intelligence on the agenda

Book an inspiring presentation on AI and artificial intelligence from CEO Torben Andersen.

We are up-to-date with the latest development and are happy to share our real world experience with artificial intelligence. The focus is not on technology, but on the world of possibilities that the new AI tools have unlocked. We talk about the present and everyday life rather than the future.

Torben is an experienced speaker who conveys advanced knowledge in a way that involves everyone and gives the audience a clear picture of the current status of artificial intelligence.


We tailor the content to match the size and professional level of the audience:

* Thought-provoking strategic presentations for the board
* Inspiring insights for leadership development
* Insightful presentations at the go-home meeting
* Motivational speeches at the department meeting
* Hands-on demonstration of new possibilities with AI
* Interactive workshops that put AI on the agenda and get everyone involved


Contact us today and let’s talk about what you need